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Available for healthcare providers, adults and teens living with pain, caregivers, institutions and organizations.
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Healthcare Professionals

Consults for providers across disciplines: physicians, therapists, nurses, PTs, all.

Individualized pain trainings
Learn the latest in pain science and treatment to expand your expertise and comfort level.
Leadership development
For the next generation of healthcare providers who want to be leaders and change-makers!
Career coaching
Tools for growing a robust practice, expanding into writing/teaching/consulting, and developing a successful career in pain medicine
Case consultations
Support, guidance, and resources for complex cases to help your patients thrive

Institutions & Organizations

Cutting-edge pain trainings rooted in a biopsychosocial model of health.

Pain Education and Curriculum Development
Pain education and curriculum development for hospitals, clinics, and institutions seeking integrative, psychologically-informed pain trainings for
faculty, students, and staff

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People Living with Pain

One-on-one consultations for people with pain and/or their caregivers*

Get guidance
Brainstorm next steps, get big-picture recommendations, and identify actionable feedback
Build a road map
Review goals, make a pain plan, and build a roadmap for a healthier, better life
*Dr. Zoffness' practice is currently full. Please add your name to the mailing list (below) to be notified about openings. In the meantime, please use these resources:
The Pain Management Workbook can be used on your own or with any healthcare provider.
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The pain science workshop series is designed for providers AND people living with pain.
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“If you aren't treating the BRAIN, you aren't treating PAIN.”
- Rachel Zoffness, PhD

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