Approach to Therapy


When your child suffers, you suffer.


Families often have questions about what therapy entails and what to expect. I provide a safe space for tweens, teens and parents to work through difficulties related to physical and emotional pain. My approach is warm, empathic and direct. I believe that every child is unique, and tailor treatment goals to reflect these specific needs. I use evidence-based treatments (therapies rooted in science and research) such as  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, mindfulness, relaxation training, and other skills-based interventions to address emotional and physical challenges. These interventions teach youths how to cope with pain and other stressors as they arise, and to apply these skills to difficult situations for the rest of their lives.


As an integrative doctor, I subscribe to the biopsychosocial model of health. This model holds that health and illness are attributable to biological (genetic, chemical), psychological (personality, behavior, mood), and social factors (culture, family, friends, school).  This means that I treat your child as a whole person, not just an illness or condition. 


Sessions are 50 minutes once a week. I believe in a team approach, so typically collaborate with medical doctors, teachers and other professionals with permission and as appropriate. Because parents are an integral part of treatment, I ask caregivers to attend sessions depending on the child and need. 


I offer a flexible schedule, including after school and evenings. To apply for a spot in my practice and to ensure we are a good fit, please complete the contact form.