Trainings and master classes for healthcare providers, people living with pain, and parents/caregivers on pain science and effective pain treatments.

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Masterclasses in Pain Science

This series of workshops, Foundations of Pain Science and Psychology, empowers providers and patients to move beyond antiquated medical paradigms, understand pain science basics, and access powerful, scientifically-supported treatments for chronic pain. There are 2 workshops currently available, and more to come. Join the mailing list for updates!


Topics Covered

Pain science, pain psychology, and pain neuroscience
Non-pharmacological treatments for chronic pain
Effective pain management tools
A biopsychosocial approach to pain medicine
CBT, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Biofeedback
Coping strategies for chronic pain
Relationships between thoughts, emotions, and pain
Depression, anxiety, trauma, and suicidality
Methods of explaining pain to patients using neuroscience + metaphor

Who should take these workshops?

Register if you are a:

Physical Therapist
Psychotherapist (PhD, PsyD, MA, MFT)
Social worker
Child Life specialist
Massage therapist
Any other type of healthcare provider
Adult or teen living with pain

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“Pain will only change if we all understand it – providers, patients, all.” - Rachel Zoffness, PhD

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