Rachel Zoffness PhD

Pain & Health Psychologist


Dr. Rachel Zoffness is a pain & health psychologist in California. She is an expert in the biological, emotional, behavioral and cognitive aspects of illness and disease. Dr. Z is an Assistant Clinical Professor at the UCSF School of Medicine, where she trains medical residents. Dr. Z serves on the Steering Committee of the American Association of Pain Psychology and is the winner of the 2020 Mayday Fellowship. She authored  The Chronic Pain and Illness Workbook for Teens, a guide to pain management for youth, and piloted the Psychology Today column, "Pain, Explained."


Dr. Zoffness also runs a pain-and-health education training program for providers. Psychotherapists, physical/occupational therapists, physicians, nurses, and other health professionals are all welcome! Please see here.


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Instagram @TheRealDocZoff

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