Rachel Zoffness PhD

Pain & Health Psychologist


Dr. Rachel Zoffness is a pain & health psychologist, medical consultant, author, and science communicator. She is an expert on nonpharmacological approaches to pain management and the neurological, emotional, and cognitive aspects of pain. Dr. Z is an Assistant Clinical Professor at the UCSF School of Medicine, where she trains medical residents; serves on the boards of the American Association of Pain Psychology and Society of Pediatric Pain Medicine; and was awarded the 2020 Mayday Fellowship. She is the author of The Chronic Pain & Illness Workbook for Teens and the  Pain Management Workbook for adults, and writes the health education column Pain, Explained for Psychology Today. She was trained at Brown University, Columbia University, SDSU, UCSD and Mt. Sinai-St. Luke's hospital. Dr. Z previously taught science at the Bronx Zoo, wrote for the American Museum of Natural History magazine, and is a dedicated butterfly-chaser. 


Dr. Zoffness leads Pain Science Workshops for health providers of all disciplines. Sign up here! She also hosts a happy hour for health providers, which you can join here.


Dr. Zoffness provides Grand Rounds, consultations, lectures, and trainings for hospitals and clinics around the world, and maintains a small private practice. For inquiries and interviews, contact her here.



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The Chronic Pain & Illness Workbook for Teens 



"This workbook is stronger and more effective than any medication I know of for treating chronic pain."

- L. Stephen Long MD, Medical Director of Complex Pain, UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland


"Although there are a few excellent resources for parents on how to understand and help their child with chronic pain, until the publication of this book, there were no equivalent books for the teens themselves struggling with this problem.  This practical workbook by a highly-experienced clinician helps reframe chronic pain for teens who are struggling with it, and offers accessible strategies that they can use to help themselves... One can foresee that the use of this workbook will soon be a standard recommendation by pediatric pain clinics across the country and it will be a valuable resource for teens in the throes of this challenging problem."  

 - Neil L. Schechter MD, Director, Chronic Pain Clinic, Boston Children’s Hospital, and Associate Professor of Anesthesiology at Harvard Medical School

The Pain Management Workbook (for adults & providers)



"The Pain Management Workbook is an unmatched resource for pain sufferers. This brilliantly lucid book is written in an easily-comprehensible

conversational style that is unlike any other, and fills a huge void  in the understanding of Pain. Dr Zoffness' book will become a standard text offering millions of pain sufferers the tools to manage their pain. "


- Jack Stern MD PhD, professor of neurosurgery, NY Medical College; Author of Ending Back Pain; editorial review board member of Spine and the Spine Journal; past president of the Board of Governors of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine