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The Pain Management Workbook

In this groundbreaking workbook, you’ll find a complete, effective, biopsychosocial program for treating pain, as well as scientifically-supported interventions rooted in neuroscience, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and mindfulness to help you take control of pain—and your life! You’ll learn strategies for creating a pain plan for home and work, reducing reliance on medications, and breaking the pain cycle. Also included are tips for improving sleep, nutrition for pain, methods for resuming valued activities, guided audio, worksheets, and more.

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Pain Management Workbook

“I can't recommend this book enough.”

“This brilliantly lucid book is written in an easily comprehensible, conversational style that is unlike any other, and fills a huge void in the understanding of pain. Zoffness’s book will become a standard text offering millions of pain sufferers the tools to manage their pain."
—Dr. Jack Stern MD PhD, professor of neurosurgery at New York Medical College
“You’re the first person in 28 years who explained pain to me in a way that actually made sense. I finally understood what was happening to me. I bought your book and am learning how to live again.”
- Dw, Chronic pain patient

The Chronic Pain & Illness Workbook for Teens

This powerful, easy-to-use workbook teaches children, parents, and providers how pain affects the  mind and body, how negative emotions can make pain worse, and offers strategies to help turn the volume down on pain, so you can go back to enjoying the activities you love. You’ll also learn concrete tools and tips to help manage pain in the moment - from how to move to what to eat.

The exercises and strategies in this book are rooted in science, fun to learn, and easy to practice. And the best part? You can carry them with you wherever you go. Take them out into the world and take charge of your pain—and your life!

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Teen Workbook

“A phenomenally written, indispensable resource.”

– Dr. Emily berner
“A ‘must-read’ and ‘must-use’ for all youth suffering from chronic pain.”
- Dr. Lonnie Zeltzer, UCLA distinguished professor and pain researcher
“This book is the whole package – it should be on the shelf of every healthcare provider in the field of chronic pain, and in the hands of every child, adolescent, and parent who experiences pain. ”
- Dr. sara williams, pediatric pain expert

Words of Praise

“This workbook is stronger and more effective than any medication I know of for treating chronic pain.”
- L. Stephen Long MD, medical director of complex pain, UCSF-Benioff Children’s Hospital
“If you are ready to take the first step towards less pain and improving your quality of life, the Pain Management Workbook is definitely a must-have resource.”
- Eric G. DPT, physical therapist

“Pain will only change if we all understand it – providers, patients, all. It’s time to integrate research and practice, medicine and psychology.” - Rachel Zoffness, PhD

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