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Modernize and disrupt pain medicine with inspiring educational content and fresh thought-leadership. Book Dr. Z to get the latest in pain medicine, pain science and psychology, and non-pharmacological treatments connecting brain and body.
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Areas of Expertise

Dr. Zoffness provides keynotes, Grand Rounds, interviews, and trainings on:
Pain science, psychology, and neuroscience
A biopsychosocial approach
to pain medicine
Nonpharmacological treatments for pain
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
The role of anxiety, depression, and trauma in chronic pain
Trainings for caregivers + parents of youth living with chronic pain

Understanding the complexity of pain will empower everyone to treat it effectively.

Past Engagements

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Integrative Pain Science InstitutePodcast AppearanceDr. Zoffness on the Curable PodcastDr. Zoffness on the ZDogg podcast

Recent Interviews

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“Pain will only change if we all understand it – providers, patients, all. It’s time to integrate research and practice, medicine and psychology.” - Rachel Zoffness, PhD

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